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porsche n rated part worn tyres

Owning a Porsche, you enjoy the delights of one of the world's most iconic car brands and experience German engineering at it's finest. Like with all cars, they need to be maintained. A Porsche is a highly tuned, precision instrument and needs to be serviced by highly skilled technicians using the latest tools and diagnostics equipment.

The tyres on a Porsche are specifically developed by the major tyre manufacturers and tested according to certain criteria set by Porsche engineers. This means that to replace the tyres on a 997, for example, it will cost a significant amount of money.

The front size on a 997 Turbo is 235/35R19 and the rear is 305/30R19. These cars are normally fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport 2 (PS2) tyres, but the tyre is also marked with an N followed by a number, i.e. N1. This is the compound revision, tested and approved by Porsche. The N rating starts at 0 and goes through to 6, then starts again (although by then a new pattern is released).

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295 35 21 107Y NANKANG ACTIVA SV 3 SUV XL Q7 PORSCHE WINTER TYRES 295 35R21 7MM £300.00

4x Michelin Tyres 245 50 18 275 45 18 Front and rear Porsche Panamera BMW £195.00

Genuine Porsche 911 997 19Carrera Classic Wheels+Tyres 99736216204 9973621563 £1,100.00

2x Michelin slick tyres 25 64 18 Racing Slick Tyres Trackday Race Porsche BMW £50.00

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This compound is specific to Porsche cars and should only be fitted to their cars. Porsche, unofficially, have said that their cars do not have to be fitted with N rated tyres, but they advise that they are, as the tyres are designed to run seemlessly with the setup of the car. Your insurance company may also require that you fit N rated tyres in accordance with their terms and conditions.

Brand new Porsche tyres are expensive. a 235/35R19 Michelin PS2 N2 costs £255.50 (source Tyre-Shopper.co.uk) and a 305/30R19 Michelin PS2 N2 costs £369.50 (source Tyre-Shopper.co.uk), so for a set of 4 this will be £1250!!!

The equivilent in part worn cost £160.00 for a pair of front tyres, both with 5mm tread (source eBay.co.uk) and £198.00 for a pair of rear tyres (source eBay.co.uk), total cost £358, saving a whopping £892!!!

So if own a Porsche and are feeling the pinch, fitting Porsche approved Part Worn Tyres to your car will help save loads of cash. As with everything, being careful about what you buy will mean that you don't get ripped off, see our article on Why Part Used Tyres Are Safe.

You can search for Part Worn Porsche Tyres by selecting your tyre size from the dropdown lists at the top right of the page, then choosing 'Porsche Approved (N Rated)' from the Tyre Type drop down.

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