Part Worn Van Tyres

Replacing tyres on a van or any other commercial vehicle can be expensive. One way to save money is by fittng part worn van tyres. These tyres normally come with plenty of tread left on them and are ideal if you are looking to replace one or more tyres due to damage (puncture etc). Use our search function to find replacement tyres for your van at a fraction of the cost of new.

4x Part Worn Tyres approx 7mm tread Firestone Vanhawk 215 65R 15C 104 102T £25.00

Evergreen Van Suv Part Worn Tyres 205 70 R 15 8mm Tread £46.99

195 55 10c SECURITY TR63 Used Part Worn Tyre 525mm 98 96N FRT Ref SJ2174 £20.00

185 14 C Sportiva Van 18514C Part Worn Summer tyres x 2 £59.99

2X 225 65R16C KLEBER TRANSALP 2 64mm+ PART WORN TYRES M+S 112 110R £79.95

205 65 16c Continental Vanco Contact 105 107 8mm Tread PART WORN TYRE £60.00

195 70 15cv GENERAL EUROVAN 2 Part Worn 967mm 104 102s Ref SJ2527 £38.50

195 70 15 C 104 102R Firestone Van hawk 195 70x15 PART WORN TYRE TESTED tire £19.00

2X 175 13 C 94 92N Avon Supervan 175x13 trailer commercial PART WORN TYRE TESTED £60.00

17514C NANKANG 17514C 99 98R 8PR CW 25 NK VAN Used Part Worn 7+mm x 2 Tyres £49.95

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