Do Part Worn Tyres Invalidate Your Insurance?

part worn tyres insuranceA question we have been asked a few times now is does fitting part worn tyres to your vehicle invalidate your insurance policy?

Fitting second hand tyres can help you budget better on your road costs, but like with all used items, you do have to be careful. We asked the ABI (Association of British Insurers) if buying used tyres would count against you:

“Customers buying part-worn tyres should check them thoroughly before the vehicle is used. All motor insurance policies require the policy-holder to keep the vehicle in a road-worthy condition, so maintaining your tyres to a good standard is very important. If an accident investigator finds that your tyres are excessively worn, under-inflated or damaged, and they are the cause of an accident, your insurer may refuse to pay out.“, said Scott Pendry.

Some great advice there from the ABI, culminating in the fact that as long as your tyres are legal and roadworthy, fitting part worn tyres is perfectly within your insurance policy terms and conditions (unless specified otherwise).

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